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Old Time Christmas - Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Old Time Christmas - Tempered Glass Cutting Board

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This tempered glass cutting board features an exquisite, vintage-style painting of a Christmas tree in shades of blue with a rustic brown finish. Its strong thermal construction makes it perfect for chopping and slicing. Its timeless design will make a charming addition to any kitchen.

The cutting board is 11" by 8", and is about 1/4" thick.  It includes 4 little rubber feet to prevent it from sliding around on your counter.  It's made of an extremely hard, tempered glass, so use caution when chopping food products because it can potentially chip.  It's best for light duty food prep.  It's a slightly roughened surface, not a smooth one.

This cutting board makes also makes  great gift for bridal showers or wedding gift, and especially a Holiday housewarming gift.

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